We realize you might have some questions and well we happen to have a few of those answers! Please see below and if we missed something, we're a friendly crew, shoot us an email: Capturedinsquares@gmail.com


How many images do I get with my subscription?

As many as you need! You'll be sent a code to use each month! Download them one at a time or in a batch, just use the code provided.

What size are the images and are they only for Instagram?

All images are 1080 x 1080, even though they are sized for Instagram, you can use them anywhere else you see fit!

What kind of images will I have access to?

We aim to provide a variety of styled photos every single month based on trending styles and categories that help you catch the eyes of your customers/readers. Whether you are a blogger or a business, we have something for everyone!

Who do I credit for the photos?

 While it's not necessary to tag us, we would never discourage you from doing so. We can be found on Instagram and Facebook as @capturedinsquares. We will add in the description of the photo any brands that you may tag should you wish too however, it is not mandatory for you to tag or credit anyone! Should you wish to have your product included in our photos, please feel free to send us an email, we'd love to chat!